Trailer Directed by Chisa Hidaka, Written and Adapted by Benjamin Harley

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The Dolphin Dance Project produced ‘Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins’ (3 min 33 sec) as a pilot film to demonstrate the beauty and importance of the extraordinary relationship between humans and wild dolphins who dance ‘together’. Your download or DVD purchase will help us to produce a longer film and documentary that will integrate stunning footage of dancing by several human dancers with analysis and interpretation by dolphin scientists and the dancers themselves. 

Watching ‘Together’, you will share the delight and wonder of a human and wild dolphin discovering a shared language through dance. Eye to eye, they communicate their mutual affection, listening tenderly to the other.  Able to see backwards, and seeming to know that the human cannot, the dolphin often positions itself ahead of the human to maintain the eye contact so important in coordinating their movements. While dancing, the dolphin is often moving as slowly as it can; you may notice it wiggling as it struggles not to outpace the much slower human dancer.

We hope our work inspires you to help protecti wild dolphins and their ocean habitat. Please visit our Protect page to learn more. 

We only work with wild dolphins in the open ocean on the dolphins‘ terms. Integrating our training as dancers with the most current scientific information about dolphin behavior, we engage the dolphins in creative play, and we dance ‘Together’.  (for more about our dolphin etiquette, click here.)

Visit our Press page for a complete Media Kit about the Dolphin Dance Project.

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