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The Dolphin Dance Project


“When you approach dolphins with dance, they recognize

it as intelligence.”

Wild dolphins and talented human dancers collaborate as equals to create underwater dances expressing their mutual understanding.  The films of the Dolphin Dance Project offer audiences a visceral experience of forging meaningful communicative relationships with individuals of another species whose creativity and intelligence rivals our own. Our goal is to inspire respect for and protection of dolphins and their habitats and to awaken a renewed sense of responsibility towards them and all the wild creatures with whom we share the planet.

Features Chisa Hidaka (speaker and dancer), Erzsi Palko (dancer) and wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and Pacific Spinner Dolphins. Underwater videography by Bryce Groark, Brett LeMaster, Loui Terrier, Benjamin Harley and Chisa Hidaka.  Produced and edited by Benjamin Harley.



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Dolphin Dreams” features two human dancers and a very charismatic pod of wild Atlantic Spotted dolphins. In our recent clips and videos you can see how gorgeously the dance was captured in super high resolution video by the eminent underwater cinematographer Howard Hall. Through a grant from the New York State Council of the Arts Grammy Award winning cellist and composer David Darling will be creating an original score. Right now we need your help to put music and dance footage together into a unique and beautiful film we can share with you and viewers around the world.

Dolphin Dreams” will be our second theatrical release, that follows the success of our award-winning debut film “Together: Dancing with Spinner Dolphins”. Currently in development is a feature-length IMAX dance film and documentary, “Reunion,” which will include not only the human-dolphin dance, but the commentary of scientists and ethicists who shed light on the importance of this unique inter-species creative relationship.

We are confident that our beautiful footage of the creativity, intelligence, and spirit of wild dolphins who voluntarily engage with humans will be an important contribution to the conservation and well-being of all dolphins. We only work with wild dolphins on their terms, in the open ocean, never feeding or coercing them in any way. We do not disclose our film locations, so as not to increase tourism pressure on the dolphins. For more information about man-made threats to dolphins, please see our Protect page .

Please use this site to learn more about the progress of the Dolphin Dance Project and about how you can help to protect wild dolphins. Please join the mailing list or subscribe to our blog to be alerted when we post new videos, photos or stories about the human-dolphin dance and subscribe to our blog.

Video of the interview and sample clip of contact improvisation filmed by Sanford Lewis and provided courtesy of his 'Contact Improvisation: An Intimate Dance' production

Watch ‘Up and Coming’

Featuring Chisa Hidaka, Benjamin Harley, and a young (as yet unnamed) Atlantic Spotted Dolphin; Cinematography by Howard Hall

Learn more about this clip in our blog post: Up and Coming

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... the first clip from our next work  ...

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... then watch the Trailer for ‘Together’, our first film and get a copy ...

Wild dolphins and humans communicating through dance, collaborating as equals and upending assumptions about who is ‘us’ and who is ‘animal’.

We are excited to invite you to join us in producing our next short film “Dolphin Dreams”.   Support us with a financial contribution if you can, and spread the word about our campaign through email, Facebook, Twitter … or just old fashioned word-of-mouth.